About Us

The club

The Calgary Archers Club is about to move into its new home out in Water Valley

The new range

Our new range is 15 minutes NW of Cochrane, Alberta in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. 

Memberships Available

We are offering limited memberships until the range is open and shooting and non shooting memberships after we are open.

Club Information

The Range

The new range will be made up of a full FITA range, 24 target field course and complete 3D course, all able to be used simultaneously. 

Where is the new range?

The new range is approx 15 min north of Cochrane. Due to limited access and no parking facilities, we are not releasing a map to the range until we have a road and a gate set up for safety.

Current News

The range is currently under construction,.

The land use designation is in progress.


Why are we building a new range

The Province of Alberta re-acquired the property of the old archery range on HWY 8 for the purposes of ring road construction. As a result the City of Calgary did not renew our lease and required us to vacate the land.


Q: When will the range be open.

A: We will be announcing range open dates as they become available. The road going in is the only hold up at this point.


Contact Us

Drop us a line!

How to contact us

Once the range is open, access will be 24/7 for members only.

Calgary Archers Membership/Adminstration



Membership/Administration: by appointment only.

Range: When open, available 24/7 for members only.